The 9th edition of the Xarkis Festival, featuring artists from all over the world, returns this month and relocates to a new location. Agros village will host the festival this year, from July 15 to 17, which will once more see a series of interactive workshops, music and events.

From the beginning of July, artists, cultural actors and educators from all over the world will interact with the local community to create artistic work in a participatory manner. The results will be shared with the public through the three days of the festival where even more activities will take place.

This year’s international programme includes engaging workshops, live performances and concerts, film screenings, interactive games and much more, and is suitable for kids and adults of all ages. The festival explores issues of colonialism and intersectionality but does so in a creative, participatory manner, engaging communities and listening to their own experiences.

“After the limitations imposed by the pandemic on recent editions, we look forward to bringing together once again all artists, educators, locals and visitors in the name of community engagement, fun, participation, socio-ecological inclusivity and sustainability,” said Creative Director of the Festival Christina Skarpari.

A non-profit organisation founded in 2013, Xarkis works with cultural agents and communities. Over the years, the festival has evolved into a transnational exchange, bringing together cultural actors such as residency coordinators, visual artists, musicians, designers, performers, researchers and educators from all over the world to engage with the local communities.

This year too, the festival’s programme includes varied workshops and activities. A dance workshop, a printmaking session, a bird nest-making workshop and others looking into Agros’ floristry crafts will take place during the festival. Walks, performances, exhibitions and installations will also happen throughout the village.

In addition to the festival programme, Xarkis will also present the works of selected artists that were part of the Contested Desires Creative Europe programme, co-financed by Creative Europe and the Cultural Services of the education ministry. Included in the Contested Desires series of events are six film screenings bringing productions from Cuba and Mozambique, Spain and Algeria, the UK and Russia along with an independent screening by BirdLife Cyprus.

Following their documentary screening of Eleonora’s Falcon – Life in the Balance, BirdLife Cyprus will host a discussion on its themes. In between screenings, presenting the results of art residencies, performances and participatory workshops, Xarkis has something planned for all at the rosy village of Agros.


Xarkis Festival 2022

Nomadic arts festival. July 15-17. Agros village. Tel: 97-676011