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What to do after an Asheville, NC car accident

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Car accidents are among the scariest incidents that occur on the road. Getting in a car accident can jolt every ounce of physical and emotional pain in a split second. It is critical to know how to handle the situation and what to do after you get in a car accident. These are the moments that matter most, and if you are physically able to assist all involved in an accident, it should come naturally as the first step to check on everyone. However, there are other things required of you to gather information for when you decide to go with the Ashville car accident attorneys if an accident occurs in the area. We will go through the motions and list the steps and why each is essential to cover your car accident case.

When a car accident happens

A car accident can happen at any moment, and sometimes you may or may not see it coming. It can leave a person in shell shock for quite some time immediately after, and it’s natural to be scared. Once the impact settles down, try and see if you can move. If not, you should stay inside the vehicle to avoid further injury as long as there is no threat of fires or explosions.

If there is a fire threat or explosions, do the best you can to get away from the vehicle, assist anyone who may need it, and direct them to safety. As you check on everyone and wait for help to arrive, speak with the people involved and any witnesses at the scene. Contact 911 Emergency and give all the information to the dispatcher and await the first responders and the police officers.

Gathering all of the information

Next, speak with those involved in the accident, share information concerning insurance companies, and take pictures of the aftermath. It is critical to get all the data from each individual and note all who are at the scene with names, numbers, and addresses. You will need this information to put into the police report and to give to the attorney handling your case.

When police and first responders arrive

The first responders will check on all who are injured in the accident. It is critical that you do not turn down medical help. Take an ambulance and go to the hospital. Get X-rays and all medical attention to ensure you are all right. Remember that the adrenaline in your system is high following a traumatic event. You will typically not feel the effects of the wreck until your body calms down. Some take a day or two, while others show up later. This will be valuable in your case.

When the police arrive, they will investigate the scene of the accident and speak with any witnesses. All must complete a police report explaining in detail what happened before, during, and after the wreck. The police report is the most valuable evidence for winning your case because it has all the information needed to recreate the accident scene and determine who is at fault. It will have everyone’s statement so they can fill out an accurate report. The report is available for pick up at the police station a few days later.

The medical reports

The first responders and the paramedics are the first to review the injuries, and the doctors will have a medical report available after all who are medically examined. This report will tell the extent of injuries, how long the recovery process will be, and whether any medication or physical therapy is needed for a full recovery if internal injuries or other injuries need to be tended to immediately, such as surgery or placed on other medical devices. The doctors will respond and have the information put into their report.

Between the police and medical reports, 80 percent of the information is there to build the case. The rest will come from the witnesses’ testimony in court, if it goes that far, the pictures taken at the scene, and any recreations of the events that took place during the accident.

Contacting your insurance company and attorney

Once cleared from the hospital or therapy, it is critical to inform your insurance company of the accident. They can assist if needed, but if the other driver is at fault, the other driver’s insurance is responsible for payouts.

The next thing you should do is contact your attorney. They will guide you through the process and begin with a free consultation. This is where all the information obtained is made available to your attorney. They will take the information and see if building a case is possible. If so, they will begin the process by having you sign some papers and start on your case.

All calls and appointments must go through your attorney for further investigation. Once this is done, it is critical that you do not speak to anyone concerning the issue.

Never settle for the first payout from an insurance company. They will never cover the amount to pay the doctor, hospital, and other bills accumulated throughout the duration of the wreck through the recovery process. They are not looking out for your best interests, and if it does cover the expenses, it will leave you with nothing for pain and suffering or pay for the time you were out of work.

Never leave your attorney hanging

It is hard to say how long the case can drag out. Many cases never make it to the courtroom because once the plaintiff knows you have an attorney, they are quicker at coming up with a lump sum settlement. The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company once all the bills are set. The insurance company knows that if a case goes to court, they will have to fight all the more difficult, losing more money. They settle outside the courtroom to avoid paying out more money.

Throughout the duration of negotiations, the attorney will contact you. They will give prices for settlements offered and keep you up to date to let you know what is going on in the case. Once a price is settled and agreed upon by the attorney and you, it is required to go in and sign off on everything. The attorney will take the cut out of the check issued by the insurance company, and you will get the rest.

If the case lands in court, more money is granted to pay for the trouble and court costs. The car accident attorney will fight every step of the way.



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