TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. In September of 2021 TikTok announced that they had reached one billion active monthly users on their platform. This means it had taken TikTok slightly under five years to reach this remarkable milestone. It took Facebook almost nine years to reach the same number of users. The vast majority of TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 34 with this demographic representing slightly over three-quarters of all the users of the platform. TikTok is particularly popular with the younger generation as 43.7% of all the users on TikTok are between the ages of 18 and 24.

FlyWithKay and encouraging the next generation

Kay Hall, also known as FlyWithKay, is a pilot and influencer who has amassed a considerable following on TikTok in shortly over a year of being active on the platform. She got her start on the platform as a result of the pandemic. Kay was building up her flight hours to become a commercial pilot when the pandemic devastated the opportunities available to her. Despite these unfortunate circumstances Kay managed to spot the opportunity to turn her flights into a social media following. She was making many cross-country trips during this period and decided to start posting videos and photos of herself flying on TikTok, and then shortly afterward on Instagram. Kay now also does live broadcasts from her airplane – Lil’ Red.

Kay acknowledges the power which her platform has. She only seeks to create content that produces positivity and informs her fans about aviation. Kay’s niche is aviation and travel and she films her flights to both entertain and informs her fans about her travels. Additionally, she has received several sponsorships and brand endorsements during her time on social media. She uses the money which she receives from these deals to help her pay for fuel for Lil’ Red so that she can go on more trips and build up more flight hours.

Through her work on social media, Kay has inspired a lot of young people to consider aviation as a career. She has received a multitude of messages and responses which indicate the interest she has been able to form in others. It is in this way that Kay is encouraging the next generation. Both through her positive and upbeat attitude, and through her passion for aviation. The combination of both of these elements creates an uplifting atmosphere which she uses to encourage the next generation.

Kay exemplifies determination as she has turned the obstacles in her life into opportunities. This can be seen through her usage of the pandemic as an opportunity to develop a new career path for herself. In addition to this, her determination and commitment are evident on a daily basis and she continues to be active on social media and build up her flight hours. She has persevered through several rough patches in her life and has always been able to come out the other side positive and determined. Her consistency and diligence are exemplified in her highly active social media presence.

In addition to her strong characteristics, Kay’s documentation of her travels also offers a respite in a sea of negative media. Much of the coverage which many media outlets produce is unfortunately negative. This can also be true of social media which is an ecosystem that rewards engagement. Sometimes negative content can be the most popular because of the engagement that it facilitates. Kay has not become susceptible to this and instead strives for positivity and encouragement in all the content that she creates.

Final thoughts

Kay Hall has become a star on TikTok and Instagram through her infectious positivity. She has not allowed circumstances beyond her control to dictate the opportunities which are available to her. Rather she has used these circumstances to launch herself forward and continue to be an uplifting presence in the lives of others. She uses her social media platform to encourage the next generation by spreading her passion for flying and as a result, encouraging other young people to consider flying as a career path for themselves. Additionally, her constant positivity shines through a sea of what can otherwise be rather negative content. This allows her to both inform and entertain her fans and keep the blues at bay.