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Limassol court fines companies for safety violations

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Six more companies have been fined between €6,000 and €10,000 for various workplace lapses that resulted in injury to employees, in one case an amputated arm, and in another, amputated fingers
One case resulted in a suspended jail sentence for a company director for violations of the provisions of the legislation on safety and health at work.
A day after it was announced that the Nicosia district court had fined eight companies and one individual for various violations of workplace rules, six new cases emerged from the Limassol court.
The court fined Lordos Plastics €7,000 for serious injury of an employee and endangering persons at work.
The court said the company had failed to provide a safe machine and a safe working method, resulting in an employee, in his attempt to clean residue from the base of a plastic grain mixing machine, to undergo an amputation of the left forearm.
Another company, A to Z Clean, which is active in the field of washing and ironing clothes, was fined €6,500, for failure to prepare a written assessment of the risks existing at work and to define preventive and protective measures to be taken, failure to implement an appropriate safety system or risk management system to improve the safety, health and well-being issues of its employees.
Alusteel Cyprus, which is active in the field of aluminium manufacturing and installation was fined €8,000 for failure to provide a safe working method during the unpacking of aluminium and glass doors from a wooden pallet, resulting in serious injury to an employee.
Amic Contractors, a construction company was fined €6,000, after it failed to use a special metal structure to unload aluminium doors, which resulted in one of the doors falling on an employee, causing serious injury.
The company CMS Froutopia Trading, which is active in the field of the manufacture and packing of juices and salads, was fined €6,000 for failure to provide adequate training to its employees regarding a packing machine, resulting in an employee having three fingers amputated. Additionally, the company was found to not have insured itself against accidents and occupational hazards.
Yiannakis Menelaou Building Materials, which is engaged in stone processing was fined €10,000 for failure to apply a safe working method during the process of transporting a boulder for placement at the base of the stone cutting tray, resulting in an employee being seriously injured when part of the boulder detached and fell on them. The company was also found guilty of failing to provide adequate training and protective measures.
One of the employers was also fined €5,000 for violations of the provisions of the legislation on safety and health at work, while another company director was given a two-year custodial sentence suspended for three years.

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