Workers at the Larnaca EKO gas bottling and distribution plant on Saturday decided to return to indefinite strike as the “last resort” to protect their labour rights.

They had called off their strike on August 9, five days after it started, as a sign of goodwill following the intervention of the labour ministry.

The workers expected that a constructive dialogue would follow to agree on the transition to the new employment regime at the Vasilikos facilities after Hellenic Petroleum required them to reapply for employment following its decision to move operations from Larnaca to Vasiliko.

“No substantial step has been taken in this direction,” Peo Larnaca branch said in a written statement. Instead, the employer’s intention to exploit the move to the detriment of the workers’ labour rights is becoming more evident.

It added the strike is now the “only option” for workers.

“They demand the government and labour ministry intervene so they do not become victims of the relocation of these facilities,” Peo said, noting the workers are determined to assert their legal and legitimate rights.

They “will not be intimidated and will not succumb to the pressure of big interests,” the announcement added.