Post-secondary vocational education and training institutes (MIEEK) will be on the House’s education committee agenda for the new session it was announced on Wednesday.

MPs sitting on the committee commented on the MIEEKs as well as on special education, the upgrading and expansion of the day school in primary and secondary education and school uniforms.

“[The] intention of the government [is] to assign the management of MIEEKs to certain individuals by purchasing services. This opens the window for the privatisation of MIEEKs,” Akel MP Christos Christofides said.

“As of today, the institution has been completely successful, working within the education ministry framework, being in direct connection with technical education as it operated under the guidance of the directorate of technical education and there was a comprehensive approach in relation to the needs of the market,” he added.

Calling it “a very successful institution” as well, Diko MP Chrysanthos Savvides said that in view of the education ministry seeking to make MIIEKs autonomous, it should “before proceeding, come to the education committee and inform it about its exact plans for this institution”.

“When an institution is successful, we do not move forward unilaterally with changes without consulting everyone involved,” he added.

Branding the issue as “very serious” Dipa MP Alekos Tryfonides described MIIEKs as “a very successful institution adding value to our society, satisfying many social groups and industry needs”.

“The changes intended by the education ministry are worrying and we have requested for a special committee session to be held over the matter.”

Regarding special education, Christofides called the ministry out for its blank promises and meaningless actions.

“As the majority’s committee was complaining about [special education] assistants and the absence of modernisation in the legislation, the ministry would respond with conferences and future promises that would concern future governments.”

Expressing realisation of the problems that schools are facing, Edek MP Andreas Apostolou said that the committee’s intention is to be informed in the education minister’ presence about the situation prevailing at schools, adding that within September, the upgrading and expansion of the day schools will also be discussed.

Referring to special education Tryfonides also stressed that “there are serious problems” in which “we will creatively contribute so as [special education] assistants can spend more time with students and be as satisfied as possible.”