The brand theme and everything that concerns it in the modern world is quite important in modern world and really deserves attention. To date, the number of brands exceeds ten million. Among them there are a lot of brands popular both on the Internet and beyond. For example, these are all kinds of trademarks, goods and services. In fact, different brands fulfill certain needs of people.

What is the brand? In simple terms, the brand is a grouped list of concepts, unique solutions, perception feelings, value properties associated with a product or service of a certain organization. That is, the personal brand can be called a mental packaging of a manufactured product.

By the way, a long time ago people started labeling products with certain brands. Even during the period of industrial development, with the advent of mass-produced goods, it became more expedient to make notes on the product, print all kinds of distinctive signs, words and trademarks on them.

And so, the end of the 19th century is considered to be the golden age of brand creation. It was then that famous world brands were born. For example, such as Coca-Cola, Heineken and many others.

Thus, the brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other characteristics and features identify a seller’s product, product or service as different from goods and services among other sellers on the market. However, this definition is devoid of such important aspects as emotions, image, reputation, associations. And these are very influential concepts in the brand concept. In fact, the brand is an abstract concept, the packaging of a product, a certain brainchild. Meanwhile, as a physical component of the brand – the whole complex of elements of corporate identity. In other words, it means that the product, product, service or company as a whole has its own image, emotional subtext and essential meaning.

Moreover, every real brand has its own logo. Many people watch videos every day and are well aware of the YouTube logo with its glossy texture. Indeed, YouTube is very famous and popular, and the history of its logo sounds definitely entertaining and legendary. But YouTube was originally created as a dating site. The only thing is that this service is different from other sites. To communicate on this resource, instead of text messages, it was necessary to upload videos.

Or even for those who have only recently discovered the Internet, are familiar with the Gmail logo. Initially, it was the famous logo in the form of an envelope, and the new version was a colorful and catchy letter M, consisting of blue, yellow, green and red colors. Google has redesigned many of its logos.

In fact, reshaping and reworking the logo image can be a good or even a wonderful idea. Of course, such and many other situations related to the logo, brand and the company as a whole depend on the situation on the market, on the product itself, the audience and potential customers.

To successfully change the image of the logo, it is necessary to hold a whole range of various activities. These events affect changes in emotional overtones, ideology, appearance and communication style. Reshaping the logo image is especially necessary when a manufacturer or entrepreneur wants to cheer up and keep the old loyal audience and at the same time attract a new one. It happens that it is enough to update the visual design, change a few elements a little. In other words, you just need to refresh an important identification mark. Changing or refreshing the logo is not dangerous and not scary. The main thing is that this should lead to the desired result as successfully as possible.