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Wrong article put Baltic states in bad light

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I would like to comment on your article of August 30 (Cyprus Mail – Ethnic Russian minorities in Baltic state treated as ‘second class people’, says Moscow).

As a person from Baltic states I would really like to know, why you would provide such false information to Cypriots. Most people read just titles and you made it clear you want everyone to think Russian minorities are really persecuted in Baltic States (which is completely false information).

I am pretty sure you understand it is not true, but then why write such an article according to Moscow’s opinion? The same as providing interviews of Russian ambassador in Cyprus. In this war time it is outrageous for anyone from Baltic countries or Ukraine to read that.

We do not understand why almost every day some opinion of the terrorist state is provided to Cypriot people. Why would you not take commentary on this from someone opposing that opinion?

These kind of articles put Baltic states into a bad light for no reason and as a journalist you should want to hear both sides.

Ruta Peckyte

President of Lithuanian community in Cyprus


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