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TV shows we love: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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Recent law graduate Woo Young Woo is no ordinary attorney as she finds herself somewhere on the autism spectrum. Although a lawyer with ASD is not news, attorney Woo’s secret to success is her Savant syndrome – a rare condition that allows her to memorise thousands of pages of laws and legal jargon.

In this first season of the show, available on Netflix, viewers follow Woo as she faces a series of challenges at her first law firm, such as revolving doors and lying witnesses. Raised by a single dad who knew she was special from the age of five, the 27-year-old lawyer is now ready to take on the world – one room at a time.

While writers admittedly portray an ideal scenario, using the same recipe as another South Korean series, Good Doctor, depicting the protagonist as a cute disabled genius – Extraordinary Attorney Woo raises awareness on the complex developmental condition, a taboo issue for the East Asian nation. This is most successfully communicated when other characters with disabilities make their appearance.

Apart from peculiar court cases, the 16-episode drama series is also a sort of coming-of-age story which incorporates a paradoxically sweet love triangle.

Oddly enough, despite the fact that it is quite easy to guess what’s about to happen, the plot keeps viewers invested. Perhaps this is due to the random yet fascinating facts about whales – a mammal of great fascination for the protagonist. Thus, in every episode, there are incredible clips of the marine animals jumping out of the water – or slowly shifting around the courtroom.

Another prominent aspect is the beautiful camera framing offering shots that are worthy of the envy of the most talented photographers.

The soundtrack to offers an inspiring and feel-good vibe, at least musically speaking. (I am afraid I will need to watch several more Korean shows before I am able to testify for the lyrics!).

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