Famagusta police are investigating a case of alleged assault causing actual bodily harm, threat and distress involving an underage student at a primary school as the victim.

In a statement, spokesman for the Famagusta Police, Steve Theodoulou, said that “a case of assault causing actual bodily harm, threat and anxiety is being investigated by the Famagusta Police Department with the victim being a minor primary school student from a village in the free Famagusta province”.

“On Friday, September 30 shortly after noon, the minor’s father reported that on the same day, a 34-year-old mother of his son’s classmate, under circumstances being investigated by the police, attacked and hit his son with her hands in the face and threatened him, while causing concern,” Theodoulou added.

The minor went with his father to Famagusta general hospital in Paralimni, where after being examined he was discharged.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old woman was summoned to the local police station for questioning and admitted to committing the offences, making her own allegations, which will be investigated by the police, Theodoulou added.

“Both the social welfare services and the director of the school where the incident took place have been informed. Police investigations are continuing in cooperation with them,” Theodoulou concluded.