The mother and father of the national guardsman Thanasis Nicolaou who was found dead in 2005 met with the attorney general on Wednesday – with both parties calling on anyone with information to come forward.

“Whomever is aware of anything which may help in any way in determining the cause or the culprits, we call on them come forward with this information,” attorney general George Savvides said.

Savvides asked to meet with Nicolaou’s parents, with his statements to the press afterwards reiterating that the team tasked to investigate the latest report has three months to fulfil its duties.

Nicolaou’s mother, Andrianna Nicolaou, also called on people to come forward, saying: “Justice will only be delivered with the arrest of the culprits, the murderers… if anyone saw or knows anything about this – come to us.”

Savvides sought to emphasise that the family and those tasked with the investigation are on the same page and that there is full and transparent cooperation.

He also stated that during this process all parties should avoid making public statements, likely referencing previous comments by the mother and a former investigator – as she said she had lost all faith in the authorities.

The attorney general also reiterated that the team tasked with the latest investigation has no connection to the Limassol police, who were initially tasked with the bungled report – seventeen years ago.

“I gave them the assurance that the present leadership of the legal services… will do everything it can within the current circumstances to bring to light the cause and those guilty of the death,” Savvides said.

Nicolaou’s mother gave an emotional plea for those with information to come forward – saying: “Our life stopped 17 years ago, we are living like the living dead, we are living our child’s funeral and death each and every day.”

Nicolaou was found dead under a bridge in Alassa, Limassol, about 12 kilometres from his home and barracks. He was meant to report back to his unit after an overnight leave.

His death had been ruled a suicide by authorities, a finding fiercely disputed by his family who have been fighting ever since to find out the truth. They say his death was linked to the severe bullying he was experiencing in the army.