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Seven fun things for winter travelers to do in Cyprus

Storefront in Larnaca old town

Tourism is of paramount importance to the Cyprian economy. In the wintertime, the number of visitors drops dramatically, but this is good news for travelers who prefer a quieter vacation experience. 

Wondering what’s on offer in Cyprus during the quiet season? Read on and discover 7 fun things for winter travelers to do in Cyprus.

Discover coves and coral 

To discover the hidden coves and pristine beaches of Cyprus, rent a sailboat and explore the Mediterranean in peace. The winter season in Cyprus is the perfect time for some quiet contemplation on the water.

Dive into the natural beauty of this region with nothing to disturb your tranquility. This is the perfect spot for some diving and snorkeling. The warm waters off the coast of Cyprus are home to stunning coral reefs and spectacular sea creatures.

The waters in Cyprus are relatively calm, ideal for fishing or just relaxing and enjoying the sunset on the deck. Cyprus is the ideal starting point for a sailing trip on the Mediterranean. 

Larnaca’s colorful past

Larnaca is full of wonderful experiences for the discerning winter traveler. Winter days are sunny, with temperatures only dropping dramatically at night. Planning a dive experience in the surrounding waters? This can now be enjoyed in an interactive digital form with the Virtual Larnaca program. 

Glimpse the underwater world of Cyprus with this innovative app, released by the Larnaca Tourism Board. For a touch of color on the waters, stop by the Larnaca Salt Lake. Thousands of pink flamingos feed here in the wintertime, and the sight is sure to brighten your day. 

See Larnaca’s colorful past with a guided tour of the Old Town. The Medieval Castle and the local Archaeological Museum will be the highlights of your trip. When you’ve worked up an appetite after a day of exploring, treat yourself to traditional fare at one of the charming local restaurants.

Sightseeing in Lefkara village

Cyprus receives over 340 days of sunshine a year, and winter temperatures are more than bearable. However, winter days are short, with only 6-8 hours of sunlight. So make the most of them, and do some sightseeing in the quaint Lefkara Village.

Step back in time when you go sightseeing in Lefkara village. You’ll see buildings that date from the 12th century through to the present day. The residents keep everything in excellent condition, lovingly restoring their local treasures.

By February, the almond trees are in bloom, and you’ll find many things to see and do. Pop into one of the local artisan workshops. They are always happy to show you their hand-woven crafts. This is also the best spot in Cyprus for some souvenir shopping. 

Join the festivities in Limassol

Limassol has its fair share of carnivals and festivities, but nothing beats Christmas in this town. Winter evenings at Christmas time are mild and pleasant, so you can choose between indoor or outdoor festivities.

Enjoy Christmas on the sea, with festive holiday events in Marina Square. Or take a stroll down Anexartisias street in the town center, and experience traditional European Christmas events and exhibits. Here, choirs and Christmas ornaments will lend a bit of festive cheer to your travels.

Ski with the gods in the Troodos mountains

Snowy adventures are part of what makes winter vacationing great. So make your way to the highest point of the island, Mount Olympus, and ski with the Greek gods. 

Skiing is enjoyed here throughout the winter, on slopes named after Aphrodite, Hermes, Hera, and the great Zeus himself. If you don’t have the god’s skiing abilities, don’t worry. You can always go sledding or snowboarding. Or just take a ride on the ski lift for breathtaking views of the snowy slopes. 

Glimpse history with a view in Paphos

Almost everything in Paphos is a UNESCO heritage site or protected area. That’s because of the abundance of ancient artifacts and attractions. So if historic buildings and tombs are your things, you’ll love them here in the famous birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.  

The Archeological Park displays archaeological finds from Cyprus’s distant past. Beautiful Roman Mosaics depict scenes from the glorious age of myths and legends.

But that’s not all Paphos has to offer. With a pedestrian-only area and stalls selling all kinds of local wares, the Ktima Municipal Market is a must-see. And for amazing views of the sea below, you simply have to sit and sip a coffee in the Old Town atop a hill. 

Sample wines in Kato Drys

Celebrate the success of the Cyprus wine industry, which is on a steady upward path. The best time to visit the artisan wineries in the village of Kato Drys is in the winter. As their workload decreases at this time, they will be happy to arrange a wine-tasting tour for you.

At Ktima Christoudia, you can book a tour to learn about traditional Cypriot vineyards and winemaking. The Christoudia family-run winery also hosts events like weddings and christenings, corporate functions, and private parties.

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