Police in Tsada are investigating two break-ins and burglaries where valuable jewellery was stolen, authorities said in a statement on Saturday.

In the first case, jewellery worth over €12,000 was stolen from a home in Tsada, Paphos police said.

According to authorities, on Friday night they were alerted by a 52-year-old woman and resident of the home that there had been a break in and that burglars managed to steal jewellery worth €12,700.

At the scene, police investigated and took some items as evidence.

Police said that the burglars broke in from a screen door that had been cut with a sharp knife.

In the second incident, watches were stolen from another home in Tsada. The incident was reported by the home’s resident at 11:30pm.

During their investigations, police determined that the burglar had entered by opening the aluminium door near the bedroom.

Police took evidence and are searching for the culprits.