Efforts to improve Limassol’s road network to rural areas have been at a standstill since 2005, leaders of nine communities said on Thursday during a House transport committee meeting.

Responding to the criticism, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos said the government has announced more projects this year than it did the past 10 years.

As a result, some had to be prioritised, with more focus on highways and key road networks, he said.

Where rural areas were concerned, there is certainly a strategy he assured. The Kyperounta – Dymon – Potamitissas – Kato Mylou road project was underway, earmarked at €6 million. It is expected to be announced next year and implemented in 2024.

Akel MP Costas Costa who tabled the matter said the road was one of the most important ones in Limassol but is very narrow, has a lot of turns and frequent problems with landslides, making it very dangerous.

Karousos pledged he would send a detailed note to the communities and committee, with the dates of when each stage of the project is set to be completed. Deputies also discussed the road network between Limassol and Agros, as well as nearby communities totaling 17 villages.