Paphos bishop Georgios on Tuesday said he wishes to continue the tradition of the Church of Cyprus of resisting new-age practices. 

Speaking at a district meeting in Paphos, Georgios, who is in the running for archbishop, said he delayed announcing his candidacy as he felt it would be unethical to do so before the burial of the late Archbishop Chrysostomos.  

On the contrary, he said, his other co-candidates “have been working for years, some from the previous archbishop elections and others since the Archbishop fell ill, and therefore had time to unfold their plans and can now stand before their audience and claim comfortably the archbishop’s office”. 

He added that he himself was limited to less than a month of work, but said he was confident he could overcome this with the support of the people, as the outlook was hopeful.  

The bishop said this didn’t mean that Paphos was not enough for him, as it is the first Metropolis in Cyprus and one he would never wish to leave.  

“If I am seeking that, however, it is to ask for a position to do what I do in Paphos elsewhere, with greater ease and with better prospects,” he said, stressing he wishes to continue the tradition of the Church of Cyprus in resisting modernity and new-age practices.  

Georgios also noted that he will continue the charitable and social work of the late Chrysostomos, mentioning help for couples to tackle low fertility, and Paphos bishopric’s initiatives to help young people and the elderly.