The council of ministers on Tuesday approved the issuance of title deeds for state housing units, a new board for the organisation for standardisation, and the membership of Cyprus to the International Development Law Organisation(IDLO).

Undersecretary to the president Petros Demetriou said title deeds will be issued to 64 displaced beneficiaries residing in state housing and self-housing plots.

The second decision taken was to approve Cyprus joining the International Development Law Organization (IDLO).

“The organisation deals exclusively with the promotion of the rule of law and sustainable development,” he explained. “It consists of 37 members, including the USA, China, Australia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and the OFID/OPEC Fund for International Development”.

IDLO implements projects/programmes in more than 30 countries, in themes such as peace and democracy, access to justice, rule of law, public health, women and girls, sustainability, and economy.

The third cabinet decision was to approve the new board of directors for the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation, for the next three years.