The Cyprus agricultural payments organisation (Koap) has contributed a total of €717,900.16 to a programme aimed to instil healthy eating habits in school-aged children, the organisation announced on Tuesday.

A correct and balanced diet is important for improving the health of the public and is one of the objectives of the EUs Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which also includes the increase of agricultural sector incomes, stabilisation of agricultural markets and food security, the announcement said.

The payments, which covered the supply of fruit, vegetables and milk to school-aged children during the 2021-2022 school year, were financed through community resources, EU funding amounting to €688,418.23, and state funding, amounting to €29,481.93, in VAT subsidies.

The main objectives are to increase the share of fruits, vegetables and milk in children’s diets, Koap’s announcement said, during the critical life stage when eating habits are formed. In addition, the program aims to educate children on matters of agricultural production.