Efforts to improve the roads within the Akamas national park are underway and have shifted from the planning stage to concrete action, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Friday.

The improvements to the roads will be done in an environmentally-friendly manner and therefore asphalt will not be used. Vehicles will only be permitted in certain routes and illegal makeshift roads will be cut off, he added.

The final cost of the project amounts to around €44 million, including the roads and roundabouts.

In a visit to Akamas, the minister observed the demolition of illegal premises in the ‘Aspros Potamos’ area in the southern entrance of the park. “We see the cooperation from Peyia municipality in tackling illegal premises.”

“It is with great satisfaction we see that improvement works for the road network leading the Akamas national park have begun.”

He added the manner and materials in which the roads will be constructed will in fact be better for the area, as it will reduce the dust levels created, which affect the ecosystems every summer.

“The materials which will be used will not create problems for the area’s biodiversity,” Kadis said.

The end result will improve the experience of visitors to Akamas, protect the environment and bring benefits to the communities in the surrounding areas as visitors will not have the option of being able to stay overnight.

Asked about timeframes, Kadis noted the road which goes up to Lara will be ready before the summer, marking the completion of the first phase of the project.