Three people who were arrested with 190 stolen pigeons in their car were released on conditions on Tuesday pending their trial in court.

Limassol district court ruled the men be released after paying a bail of €10,000. They must also present themselves at a police station three times a week.

The previous day, the court had remanded the suspects for three days.

The bust happened after officers pulled a vehicle over in the Yermasoyia area on Monday for a check.

Inside the car were three young individuals. The driver was a political asylum seeker, while the passengers had no identification on them and were arrested on the spot.

Searching the vehicle, police found 190 pigeons worth a total of €1,500. Fifty-one of the pigeons were dead.

The three individuals reportedly admitted to having stolen the pigeons from a homestead in Pissouri. They subsequently pointed out to police the site of the theft.