The share of renewable energy in Cyprus in the period of 2015 – 2021 has increased at a faster pace compared with the EU average according to the energy ministry.

Data showed the share of renewables in Cyprus rose by 5.2 per cent in the period of 2015 – 2021 compared with the EU average of 3.7 per cent, the permanent secretary of the energy ministry Marios Panagides said at the 13th session of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena).

Panagides stressed the importance Cyprus places on energy infrastructure for renewables and welcomed the initiatives undertaken by the organisation.

Cyprus also participated in the launching of a joint initiative by Irena and the UN aiming at the increase of renewables in the installations of UN peace keeping forces internationally, the energy official added.

Panagides referred to Cyprus’ actions to facilitate licensing of renewable energy projects such as the One-Stop Shop operating in the energy ministry.

For his part, UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (Unficyp) representative Joel Cohen thanked Cyprus for its support noting the force has installed 600 kilo watts for the needs of the UN mission in Cyprus. Unfycip, he added, intends to continue investing aiming to cover 80 per cent of its needs with renewable energy.

Cyprus’ proposal to host a joint conference next autumn was accepted both by Irena and the UN, the press release added.

Cyprus was also invited by the German government to participate in a meeting on the Middle East and North Africa (Mena)-Europe High Level Exchange Cooperation Initiative, which was established during a conference held in Jordan in June 2022.

The assembly was held in Abu Dhabi on January 13 to 15.