Presidential candidate Georgios Colocassides on Tuesday revealed that his team has spent €145,712 on the election campaign, as he called on all others in the race to detail their spending.

He emphasised, however, that his report shows the total expenditures since the beginning of his campaign – from December 2021 onwards.

That, he said, goes above and beyond what is required by law; which stipulates that candidates must show their spending for the past six months.

“Half transparency is just a cover-up,” he declared.

“If the rest of the candidates truly wish to be transparent then I call on them to disclose their donors and expenses for their TOTAL campaign, the Cypriot people deserve to know the full truth,” Colocassides said.

He further argued that the public has the right to know whether the candidate they are voting for truly shares their beliefs or instead is serving the interests of donors.

Colocassides detailed in the report that he has received €67,000 from family members, €59,800 from Savvas Chrysanthou, €16,000 from online crowdfunding, and other private contributions of €4,580.