The weather on Thursday will be mostly clear with increased cloud in some areas and temperatures coming in at 13C inland, around 15C on the coasts and 4C in the higher mountains experiencing frost and snow.

Police also issued a bulletin with a list of roads that are closed due to snow and frost. On Thursday morning snow in Troodos square was 23cm.

According to the bulletin, the Platres-Troodos and Farmakas-Odou roads are close to traffic and the following only open to vehicles with chains or 4X4s.

Karvouna – Troodos
Prodromos – Troodos
Pedoulas – Prodromou
Pedoulas – Pinewood – Kakopetria
Prodromou – Lemythos
Kakopetria – Karvounas
Kykkou – Pedoulas
Kykkou – Stavroutis Psokas
Kakopetria – Spilion
Prodromos – Platres
Pedoulas – Moutoulas
Kampou – Tsakistras
Kykkou – Gerakion
Kampou – Kato Pyrgou

The following roads are slippery and dangerous:
Palechorio – Agros
Palechorio – Aska – Fterikoudi
Fterikoudiou – Alonas
Alonas – Platanistasas
Alithinou – Livadion
Alonas – Polystipou
Polystipos – Chantrion
Polystipos – Lagoudera
Fikardou – Gouriou
Gouriou – Lazania – Machira
Statou – Agios Fotios – Panagia

Overnight temperatures on Thursday will fall to 4C inland, around 6C on the south and east coasts, around 9C on the west and north coasts and -2C in the higher mountains.

On Friday, initially the weather will be partly cloudy and isolated showers or storms are expected in the west and north. Gradually, it will become mostly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected in several areas of the island. More snow is expected in the higher mountains and possibly the lower mountain areas.

A similar pattern is expected on Saturday and Sunday.