Many video games have been used to create movies and shows after they became popular; however, it wasn’t a success every time. Only a few of them have been successful so far. In fact, most of them have failed because it takes a lot to convert a video game into a movie script.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and are looking to watch some video game adaptations, you’ve come to the right place. In this article today, I’m going to share with you a list of the best video game adaptations. In case you haven’t seen them already, it’s time you add them to your bucket list.


The first one for today is Pokémon. The best video game ever and truly one great video game adaptation. Whether it’s a Pokémon video game or a theatrical release, it has always remained on top of its game. Because there’s a series of games and movies available out there, Pokémon anime is what you should check out first.

It has been entertaining both adults and kids for a long time now and I’m sure you’ll love it, too. It comes with a variety of adorable characters. Not to forget, the emotional content it brings to the table is just phenomenal.


There are a lot of narrative-driven video games out there and Castlevania isn’t on top of it. Therefore, many people have been surprised to see Netflix bringing the Castlevania game adaptation to the screen. The game has a number of amazing themes, sure. However, it doesn’t have a proper story.

Due to that, the makers of the video game adaptation had to make many changes on their end. They not only put everything in order, but they also made a few adjustments to keep the story running. All in all, they successfully created an engaging and exciting narrative. Also, the characters picked are wonderful.

Shenmue: The Animation

Shenmue has played a significant role in making open-world video games popular. It is best known for its cutting-edge technology and graphics. It is a revenge story, quite different from others of its kind, something that made it the perfect fit for a video game adaptation.

Shenmue: The Animation is reportedly known as the best anime of the year, 2022. It is exactly like the source material and remains loyal to the original story while bringing lovely characters on the screen for you.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is another popular video game adaptation. Though when its initial trailer was released, people were shocked because of how they created sonic, quite different from how it should have been. However, everything was settled when the pieces were compiled and the movie was released.

The video game adaptation turned out to be a huge success, which made the makers of the movie create its sequel. The sequel of Sonic the Hedgehog brought along many other adorable Sonic characters, turning it into another success story.

Resident Evil

Who says video game adaptations are always animated? No, they’re not. If you wish to watch a mix of suspense and tension, you need to add Resident Evil to your bucket list right away. It’s a thrilling story with a dash of violence and gore, which keeps you hooked to the screen.

There are seven movies from the Resident Evil series and one reboot of the original movie that was released in 2021. All the parts of the movies come with lots of highs and lows. Oh, and guess what? According to fans, the first part of the movie remains the best. The latter versions are great, too, but not as great as the initial one.

The Witcher

Another video game adaptation that isn’t animated, the Witcher, is one of the most popular movies ever. It isn’t super close to the original script of the video game, but the makers of the movie have successfully shaped its script while taking inspiration from the video game.

It has remained one of the highest-watched movies on Netflix to date. Not to mention, the amazing star cast it brings along makes the video game adaptation 3x better and more exciting. Sadly, some critics have been pretty loud about the movie as they believe Netflix shouldn’t have tweaked the original story.

How to watch and stream the video game adaptations mentioned above?

Some of the video game adaptations mentioned above are available on Netflix but not all of them. However, you don’t have to worry as you can always find them online and stream them. It’s easier than you think. Many third-party websites offer free streaming of various movies and shows.

The only problem is that third-party websites are not 100% safe but we have a solution for that as well. You can get a VPN extension for chrome or any other web browser you use and start looking for the movie. It will help you find a safe side and will allow you to stream the movie while keeping your IP address and location hidden. Thus, you’ll be 100% safe along the way.

The takeaway

Some video games bring along great stories and one keeps wondering what if they were movies? Thankfully, we have many video game adaptations, so now you don’t have to wonder about any of it at all. Simply check out the list shared above and watch the movie you haven’t seen yet. I’m sure you’ll love it.