A 63-year-old man who tried to murder his wife in Tala last year was sentenced to six-month jail time with a three-year suspended sentence.

The decision at Paphos criminal court on Monday said the man had shown “sincere regret” at his actions and a full recognition of the severity of his actions, thus justifying the suspended sentence.

In trying to mitigate the sentence, his defence lawyer Eftychios Pitros told court that the 63-year-old had apologised for his actions, regretted them and promised he wouldn’t do it again.

Counting in his favour was the fact that the man went to the Peyia police station himself after the incident and told officers he had tried to kill his wife, the court decision said.

These acts show “complete and sincere regret” and consequently “recognition of his mistaken actions towards his wife, thus reducing the risk of repeating such acts”.

The judge also took into consideration the “circumstances which led to these crimes” as well as the fact that he had a clear criminal record, his age, and the fact that he was deemed as a law-abiding citizen.

The man tried to kill his wife in their Tala home on October 27 last year and later went to the Peyia police station admitting what happened.

At the time, a restraining order was filed against him forbidding him from getting up to 300m close to his wife.