Convening at Larnaca general hospital, the Larnaca District court on Sunday remanded an injured 37-year-old in custody for eight days after he was arrested for carrying an illegal weapon to incite terror, causing actual bodily harm and demanding property with threats to steal.

Police received information on Saturday at about 2.15 in the afternoon that an altercation had broken out in Larnaca, in which a 37-year-old man had been injured.

A short while later, two men aged 40 and 54, also from Larnaca, went to Larnaca CID and handed in a pistol, which they said the 37-year-old had used to threaten them.

The two said they had gone to the younger man’s house on Saturday afternoon in Larnaca to solve differences between them.

In sight of the two of them, the 37-year-old reportedly pulled out the gun and threatened them. In their attempts to disarm him, he attacked them and caused wounds to various parts of their bodies.

Police said the pistol did not have a cartridge case but was loaded with a 9mm cartridge in the chamber. A search of the house turned up three more complete 9mm cartridges.

The two older men were taken to Larnaca hospital to be examined, while the younger man had already been taken there by ambulance.

According to doctors, the 37-year-old had bruises and cuts on his head.

He was arrested and remains at Larnaca hospital under police guard.