Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades said the government will continue to support the work of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC).

Vafeades made statements to the press after a visit to JRCC on Tuesday.

“I feel proud of the work done here,” he said. “JRCC’s operations not only play a vital role in Cyprus, they also highlight the country’s capabilities on a pan-European level.”

Vafeades also said that in 2022, the centre helped rescue 800 people, calling it “an incredible achievement.”

“Speaking on behalf of the government, we are committed to extend our support to JRCC, as all governments before us have done.”

The transport minister explained that, operationally, the centre is regulated by the defence ministry, but overall, it is under the transport ministry’s control.

“We are here to ensure that the management and staff continue the very serious work they are carrying out every day,” he said.

Asked whether eventual upgrades to the centre have been discussed, Vafeades said that ways to improve JRCC are constantly being discussed, but that nothing has been officially decided yet.