Local students created Enmeal, an innovative application promoting healthy eating with personalised meal plans and recipes aiming to improve quality of life.

Heritage private school students created the application in the context of the Junior Achievement Cyprus programme, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, one of the largest global Non-Profit Organisations dedicated to addressing the fundamental social and economic challenges of young people.

Under the company name Enmeal, this pioneering and innovative application, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, aims to promote healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle as well as weight loss, adapted to each user.

The application is designed to revolutionise the way people approach their health and wellness.

This cutting-edge technology utilises AI to create personalised meal plans and recipes, providing users with a comprehensive and convenient solution to all dietary requirements and preferences, including gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein, among others.

The app’s unique AI algorithms also analyse a user’s personal data, including age, height, weight, activity levels, and more, allowing a unique and optimised nutrition experience.

“Nowadays, our fast-paced lifestyle results in the consumption of junk food, leading to the rising cases of obesity, making such an app invaluable to users,” the relevant press release said.

“A good nutrition plan is essential for health and wellbeing, as well as the prevention of various medical conditions, including diabetes type-b, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. The right plan can lead to an improved quality of sleep, better concentration and an increase in energy and self-confidence,” it was added.