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Water levels in dams ‘concerning’

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Xyliatou dam has overflowed with 100 per cent capacity.

Dam capacity this year so far is a cause for concern as it is almost 20 per cent less than the previous year, the deputy director of the water development department Lia Georgiou said on Wednesday.

According to Georgiou, the latest data from March 22 show that dams are at 69.4 per cent capacity, while last year during the same period they were at 89.1 per cent.

Georgiou said that a total of 202 million cubic metres of water entered the dams, 59 million cubic metres less than last year.

Speaking on World Water Day, Georgiou said that the highest capacity  is recorded at the dam in Argaka with 98.9 per cent and at Xyliatou which has overflowed with 100 per cent capacity.

Kouris, which is the largest dam, currently records 64.4 per cent.

“Undoubtedly we are concerned about these figures, it is a fact that we are having a dry year, from October 2022 until now we have only 37 million cubic metres inflow, while the average annual amount of the decade is 92 million cubic metres,” she said.

Georgiou added that, as every year, the advisory committee for water management department will be convened to discuss with the agricultural organisations the quantities that will be given to agriculture and at the same time the functions and quantities for desalination will be examined.

The committee is due to meet at the end of the month, and advise the agriculture minister on the matter. Remaining Time-0:00

Regarding water quality, Georgiou said that the monitoring is done in the context of the operation of the desalination contracts by the contractor of each unit.

“We make sure the water is within quality specifications and we monitor at the last point of delivery to local authorities and water boards to make sure we are delivering water that is safe in accordance with legislation,” she said.

She explained that the water management department monitors the production of desalinated water, and the delivery to final recipients.








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