Newly appointed Deputy Government Spokeswoman Doxa Komodromou will continue to exercise her duties, it was officially announced on Wednesday.

There will be no differentiation in the exercise of her duties and the purely procedural issues surrounding her appointment will be resolved, the Cyprus News Association reported.

On Monday, President Nikos Christodoulides, with a publication in the official gazette of the Republic, revoked the appointment of Doxa Komodromou as deputy government representative, made on March 1 by a Presidential Act of Appointment

The new procedure removed Komodoromou from the position she held as the press representative of the University of Cyprus, so that her the post as deputy government spokeswoman can be correctly greenlighted, which is expected to happen within the next few days.

Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides on March 9 in his report had raised the fact that Komodoromou, upon assuming her position in the Christodoulides government, has not resigned from the university.