So far there has been no information about Cypriots stranded in Sudan, according to foreign ministry spokesperson, Theodoros Gotsis.

In a post on Twitter on Monday, Gotsis said the ministry’s crisis management centre has been active and in contact with the embassy in Cairo, which covers Sudan, as well as the Cypriot consul in Khartoum.

Gotsis also noted that the situation is being monitored in cooperation with the EU.

In a travel advisory that came into effect on April 15, the ministry recommended that due to the escalating security threat in Sudan, Cypriot citizens should avoid non-essential travel to that country.

Those already in Sudan were advised to follow updates on international and local media, avoid unnecessary travel and observe the maximum possible security measures. They were also invited to register online with abroad Connect2CY.

In the event of an emergency, citizens can contact the Cyprus Embassy in Cairo on +202 27377012, +202 27377013, +202 27377014 during office hours Sunday – Thursday 08:00 – 15:30, as well as on mobile +20 101 6670101 during non-working hours.

They can also contact the Consulate of the Republic in Khartoum on + 249 183 794445, +249912303603; the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on +357 22651113 (08:30-15:00, Monday – Friday) and the Crisis Management Department of on +357 22801000, +357 22651295 (08:30-15:00, Monday – Friday) as well as on mobile +357 97 775998.

At least 56 civilians and dozens of fighters were killed in Sudan on Sunday as fighting broke out on Saturday between army units loyal to General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The two military rivals’ clashes continued for a second day, plunging the country into chaos.

Sudan’s army on Sunday launched airstrikes on the rival paramilitary force’s base near the capital in a bid to reassert control over the country.