The Cyprus News Agency (CNA) requested an additional budget from the house interior committee on Thursday, citing the need to rent more office space.

According to what was filed to the house committee, CNA has requested an extra €58,280 to rent additional office space, as they await a decision on finding a permanent solution about their offices.

Specifically, the amount of €58,280 will be divided into €33,280 for rent, €20,000 for moving expenses, and €5,000 earmarked for the purchase of furniture and equipment.

The CNA budget for 2023 is €2,942,523. Of that, public aid comes in at €2,586,123.

Speaking before the committee, CNA board member Yiannis Antoniou said the release of the supplementary funds was needed for the rental of an additional space of 140 square metres in Aglandjia, the same area where the agency is currently housed.

According to Antoniou, the reason for renting an additional office is due to CNA’s hiring of seven new journalists in 2022, while he noted that the recruitment of six new officials from various specialties was expected in 2023-2024.

He also added that in a recent meeting held by the CNA board with President Nikos Christodoulides, they had laid out CNA’s offices problems, noting that board members had received assurances that the procedures to find a permanent solution would continue.

Interior ministry and finance ministry representatives present at the meeting said that the house committee should approve the supplementary budget as it has already been approved by the cabinet on March 30.