No new evidence emerged on Monday after on-site investigations following the disappearance of 31-year-old Angelos Perikleous last month, while six suspects remain in custody in connection with the case.

Police, in collaboration with the civil defence and the help of detection dogs and drones on Monday searched the area where one of the missing man’s phones last received signal at 8pm on April 20 in Tochni, the night he disappeared.

The search, which started in the early morning hours, stopped at around 3pm, without bringing any result, Cyprus News Agency reported.

But additional search operations are possible in the coming days, CNA added citing police sources.

Perikleous was last seen on the afternoon of April 20 and evidence collected so far appear to be pointing to foul play with police saying they are investigating an abduction with the intend to murder.

The same day of his disappearance, a Honda brand vehicle, which a 24-year-old hacker had borrowed from a 36-year-old man, was found abandoned with a flat tire in the area police searched on Monday.

Furthermore, testimonies revealed the 24-year-old had purchased gloves, adhesive tapes, shovels, ropes, knives and an axe among other items on April 15 and 18. The same brand gloves and adhesive tapes were discovered in the vehicle that was found.

Police have also considered the motive of the young man, as he had previously accused Perikleous of stealing €110,000 from him and threatening him with a gun in early April.

Last week officers had arrested the 24-year-old as well as the 36-year-old man from whom he borrowed the car, while four more people have been detained in relation to the case. These concern the 59-year-old mother of the younger suspect, his 71-year-old uncle, and two men aged 38 and 50.

According to witness statements, Perikleous left his home in Limassol with the 24-year-old man, the first one to be arrested, with whom he had personal and financial differences.

The victim’s burnt-out car was later found near the shooting range in Paliometocho, in the Nicosia district, on April 21. It is understood that the 24-year-old with his uncle and the 38-year-old man met there and burned the car.

CCTV material placed the younger suspect at the scene, driving Perikleous’ car to the shooting range.

However, the 24-year-old’s mother told police her son was sleeping at the apartment she is staying at on April 20 and April 21.

As for the 50-year-old suspect, he was in prison together with the 24-year-old in past, with whom he kept in touch. Each served sentences for different crimes.

On Tuesday, the remand of the younger suspect expires, and he is expected to be taken to court for a renewal.