The renewed visual identity of Zorbas bakeries, designed on the basis of the Group’s strategy and vision to offer an unrivalled and complete experience to consumers, was presented at an event held on May 17, 2023, at THOK’s new theatre in Nicosia.

The event was attended by business and political leaders, Group partners and media representatives. Guests were welcomed with brief greetings by

Group President Costas Zorbas and the Executive Director of the Group’s Industrial Unit Tassos Zorbas, welcomed guests with brief addresses, referencing the history of the company and thanking consumers for their steadfast trust and support over 48 years.

Σοφία Τσενέ

Thereafter, Zorbas Group Marketing Manager Sophia Tsene, presented the philosophy and steps behind renewing the visual identity of the Zorbas Bakery brand. “Recognising the need for renewal, we created the new era of the Zorbas Bakery brand,” she noted. “An era marked by a complete rebranding, with a new dynamic image that expresses the growth, evolution and expansion of the brand, but which, at the same time, refers to its history, on which a relationship of trust with the public is based.”

She went on to say that the new visual identity was not only about Zorbas’ image, but also about the bakery chain’s core mission. “Based on truth, moments and emotions, our goal is to keep up with new trends and the contemporary needs of the public,” continued the Zorbas Group Marketing Manager. “To become an integral part of everyday life, offering not only tasty products, but also an unforgettable sensory experience.”

Zorbas Group CEO Dimitris Zorbas

Group CEO Dimitris Zorbas, for his part, said the renewal of the bakery chain’s visual identity encompassed not only brand communication, but also overall strategy. “Our goal is to offer an upgraded experience to our customers by renovating stores and opening new ones, strengthening our network and offering services that make every consumer visit to Zorbas bakeries even easier and more enjoyable,” he said.

Within the last three years, he continued, we have gone on to open seven new stores, undertaken over 14 renovations, renewed the bakery department with specialised staff, deployed the operation of the click & pick pre-order service, and, more recently, launched the bakeries’ delivery service.

Referring to the Group’s next moves, CEO Zorbas revealed that a new Zorbas bakery would soon open its doors in Latsia, while two new US stores were also in the works. He also made special reference to the bakeries’ environmental approach and new technologies throughout the Group’s stores. New production methods had been adopted, he added, controlling pollutants and keeping energy consumption low, while targeted measures were being taken to save energy and reduce the stores’ carbon footprint.

The Group’s permanent goal, he added, was to be an ecologically-aware company that contributes to the development of the Cypriot economy, helps society, provides jobs and supports the creation of a more prosperous, secure and healthy future for the island’s children. “Our promise is to continue to walk with the same values and evolve. Enjoying the now, providing for tomorrow,” he said.

The new Zorbas bakeries promotional film, ‘Delight for every now’, also screened at the event, highlighting the brand’s new visual identity and demonstrating the trust placed by Cypriot consumers in the Group.