Paphos police were on Friday investigating a case of assault and bodily harm against a traffic officer after he said he had been attacked the previous day.

According to police spokesman Michalis Nicolaou, shortly before 6pm a 37-year-old traffic policeman reported that in the course of his duties he had been attacked by a driver.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at around 2.30pm on Alexandrou Ypsilanti street, when, according to the officer, he spotted a tow truck parked illegally on the pavement.

He reportedly looked around to locate the driver to ask him to move the truck so as not to obstruct traffic but also intending to spare him the fine.

According to the complainant, a young man approached, who immediately confronted the traffic officer and hit him on the head.

The officer, who was wearing a helmet, fell to the ground as a result of the blow and an ambulance was called.

He was transferred to Paphos general hospital where he remained for treatment and monitoring. Eventually, the doctor on duty established that the victim did not have any obvious external injuries and he was discharged.

Police investigations determined the driver was a 22-year-old permanent resident of Paphos. A request for the court to issue an arrest warrant was deemed unnecessary.

Police are looking for the young man who when found is expected to be called in for questioning and further action, Nicolaou said.