Non-profit organisation TechIsland this week announced the launch of “Startup School,” an innovative workshop series designed to empower startups in Cyprus.

“This groundbreaking initiative, powered by Zubr Capital, a renowned name in the global Venture Capital landscape, offers an unmatched opportunity for learning, growth, and collaboration,” TechIsland said in a statement.

The first workshop will take place on June 9, at 16:00, in Limassol and it is titled “Building a Robust Company Strategy & Establishing a Powerful Brand”.

Led by industry experts from Zubr Capital, TechIsland explained, this educational event promises invaluable insights into developing a strong company strategy and creating a compelling brand.

More specifically, speakers Konstantin Zapoliansky, Senior Investment Director, at Zubr Capital will take attendees on a journey of building a company’s strategy, explaining everything from market analysis to financial models, while Darya Ksenzova, Brand Manager at Zubr Capital will outline the secrets of establishing a robust company brand, from positioning to communication platforms.

“As TechIsland we are committed to our mission to position Cyprus as a Tech Hub and for this we are thrilled to be offering this unique opportunity for startups in Cyprus,” TechIsland General Manager Marios Giorgoudis said.

“These events will offer unparalleled practical knowledge, networking opportunities with Venture Capitalists, and the chance to connect with fellow innovative minds,” he added, before thanking Zubr Capital for their contribution to this initiative.

Meanwhile, Founder and CEO of Zubr Capital Oleg Khusaenov, said that “having invested in technology companies for a decade, Zubr Capital has witnessed several of its investments becoming unicorns”.

“As experienced investors, we see that now, thanks to TechIsland, a unique community of technology companies is being formed in Cyprus. With the right competencies and investments, these businesses can become successful all over the world,” he added.

Khusaenov further elaborated by saying that the team at Zubr Capital “is enthusiastic about sharing our acquired knowledge and experience to support the growth of Cyprus-based IT companies”.

“We are confident that the Tech Island initiative will produce impressive outcomes and position Cyprus as a magnet for exceptional talent,” he concluded.

Admission to the workshop is free. Interested participants can secure their spots by registering at