Turkey’s direct interventions in the north of Cyprus are putting at risk the prospects for the resumption of Cyprus talks, European Parliament (EP) President Roberta Metsola was quoted as saying on Sunday.

In an interview with Phileleftheros in Strasbourg during President Nikos Christodoulides’ recent visit, she told the publication that the EP strongly supported the island and was at its disposal for anything it needs.

According to the newspaper, Metsola was clear both with regard to the Turkish provocations against Cyprus, and the direction in which everyone should move in order to find a solution to the Cyprus issue.

It added that she unreservedly condemns “Turkey’s direct political and economic intervention” in the north as well as the presence of the Turkish army on the island.

“Turkey’s actions put the prospects of the resumption of talks at further risk,” she said, adding that the EP was watching closely.

Metsola said the position of the EP is that the solution of the Cyprus problem will be based on the bizonal bicommunal federation and that the issue was also a European problem.

“As long as Cyprus is divided, Europe will never be complete,” she said. “This is not only a Cypriot problem. It is a European problem.”.

Metsola said the EP has repeatedly condemned the ongoing Turkish activities in the fenced-off area of Varosha in Famagusta.

“We unreservedly condemn Turkey’s direct political and economic interventionism and the continued military presence in the occupied part of Cyprus,” she said.

“Its actions further jeopardise the prospects of resuming talks.”

She said she had told Christodoulides that a sustainable solution for the reunification of the island of Cyprus could only be found through dialogue, diplomacy and negotiation.

Metsola also discussed the EP elections next year and said she would be visiting all member states, including Cyprus, between now and then to persuade people to turn out and vote.

Answering the question about the importance of the next European elections and what the EP will do to convince European citizens to go to the polls, Metsola said: “My message to the citizens is very clear: If you don’t vote in European elections, the seats will be filled again. Who is it that you want to represent you?’ It is very important to vote. Voting is the right to criticise and hold those in power accountable.”