The ongoing issue of foreclosures will be raised again Thursday before the House plenum in the last legislative session before the summer recess, with the postponement of the debate presented as a visible scenario.

Before the body is the Akel law proposal, co-signed by Elam, Depa, Edek, the Greens and three Diko MPs, to grant borrowers the right to appeal to the Court to secure a decree suspending a planned sale, in order to consider possible abusive clauses and overcharging, as well as the proposal of the head of Edek to sell a property at the estimated price on the date of signing a loan agreement.

During the previous session of the plenary, it was decided to postpone for a week the discussion of the two proposals, with which the ministry of finance and the central bank (CBC) disagree, following banks and credit companies announcing the postponement of sales for non-performing loans (NLPs) secured by a primary residence worth up to €350,000.

On the agenda of the plenary session is also the bill on creation of a special jurisdiction in the district courts for the rapid examination of cases with a secured main residence up to €350,000.

Edek recommended on Wednesday that the vote on both the government bill and the disputed law proposal of Akel and the other parties be postponed.

Diko announced that the party will support the postponement of the two pieces of legislation, adding that in the event of a vote, it will support the special jurisdiction bill and reject the proposed law.

There are 59 issues on the agenda of the plenary, including the state’s supplementary budget reaching €361 million.