Pluralism in Cyprus’ radio landscape appears to be sufficient however there are observed trends which must be kept in check to ensure the industry’s development is not hampered, a report by the national broadcasting authority showed on Tuesday.

The findings revealed the number of local radio stations was “shrinking”, falling from 30 local radio station licences identified in the previous report to just 21. Many stations appear to be shifting from general interest to primarily music stations with the main reason seemingly financial.

Even music is quite limited, having Greek or English hits, without much diversity, according to the findings.

Meanwhile, seven local radio stations had their status transformed to national stations. Though they broadcast a range of shows, certain categories such as culture, education and children’s programmes that are lacking, the report noted.

In relation to the shareholders of the broadcasters, the report notes that as regards the television and national radio broadcasters, “no shareholder controls more than 25 per cent of the total share capital of the company”.

Regarding local broadcasters, no shareholder holds more than 40 per cent of the company’s share capital.

“Consequently, there is a dispersion of shares and avoidance of concentration of shares in a limited number of shareholders,” the report concludes.