Despite the extended heatwave abating somewhat, the forestry department said it would remain on red alert on Sunday due to the danger of fires, calling on the public to exercise caution if they go on excursions.

The department reminded that barbeques in forest areas are only allowed at certain in picnic sites. Lighting a fire without a permission is punishable by law with up to 10 years in jail and/or up to €50,000 fine.

The department called on the public to be especially careful during their outings, to avoid actions and activities that are likely to cause a fire, such as the use of tools or agricultural machinery that produce heat, sparks or flame, such as angle grinders, and welding.

In case of smoke or fire the public is urged to immediately call 1407 (Forestry Department) or 112 (Fire Service)

On Sunday temperatures are set to rise to 39C inland, 32C on the western coast, around 34C on the southern and eastern coast and 31C in the higher mountains.

There may be some increased cloud cover in the afternoon giving way to isolated showers in mountain areas.

Sunday night, temperatures are expected to fall to 21C inland, around 23C on the coast and 20C in the higher mountains.

Over the next three days, the weather will be mostly clear with temperatures fluctuating at the same levels, slightly above the average.