Consumers association president Loukas Aristodemou has claimed supermarkets are listing false prices for products on their shelves.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), he said over 200 products were being marketed on the shelf at a lower price than what consumers are asked to pay for them at the checkout.

“They failed to inform consumers so they could exercise their right of choice”, he said.

He also claimed supermarkets have been profiteering on various products, saying the price of olive oil “was revised three times since the start of the Ukraine war”.

“The oil was produced and bottled before the start of the war and had no additional transport, fuel, or energy costs which would justify the increase in price”, he said.

In addition, he said some supermarket chains are selling identical products for different prices in different parts of the country.

He gave the example of eggs, which he found being sold for €2.47 in one district and €2.80 in another.

Finally, he criticised the lack of price tags on halloumi in one supermarket chain, which leaves customers into the dark as to the price.