One of Netflix’s latest comedy-dramas, Glamorous, is very 2023. Its protagonist is gender non-conforming queer person Marco, a type of beauty influencer who gets a job as an assistant to the beauty industry mogul Madolyn Addison, played by the ever-so-charming Kim Cattrall. Marco’s parent, a single mum, and his love life, a series of complicated love triangles established on Instagram DMs are also heavily featured. So 2023.

Released in late June and with just ten episodes, Glamorous is an easy binge-watch and its diverse characters make the show exciting to watch. As Marco gets hired to work in Madolyn Addison’s beauty empire, Glamorous by Madolyn, he navigates his identity, dating, friendships, work enigmas and life in the era of a social media boom. As glittery and fun a job at a beauty magazine can be, which makes up a big portion of the show’s premise, aspects of the series can seem unrealistic.

Marco, with no experience, gets hired by Madolyn herself when she visits the mall and gets her make-up done by him, impressed by his beauty knowledge. In the real world, that scenario is less likely. In the made-up Glamorous world, anything is possible and for ten episodes it is blissfully pleasant to mentally live there.

No plans have been made to renew the series for a second season yet Marco, Madolyn and the rest of Glamorous characters go through plenty of adventures, both in their personal lives and at work. Much like the rest of us, and though life in Cyprus where I am watching the series from is far from similar, it is delightful to escape to the shiny troubles of Glamourous-land. Even for just ten episodes.