House president Annita Demetriou has sent a message of support to her Greek counterpart Konstantinos Tassoulas for the wildfires and floods the country has experienced during the summer.

“It is with great anxiety and sadness that we watch the catastrophic events that befall Greece. From the widespread fires of the summer to the deadly floods, from the flattened Evros to the dystopian lagoon of Thessaly, the images of the last days and weeks can only be described as a national tragedy”, she said.

She added, “humanity is deep in the climate crisis at the moment and Greece is sinking in the eye of the storm”.

“As the Greeks of Cyprus, the least we can offer is this message of support”, she said.

She added that the House of representatives and the Cypriot people sympathise with the loss of human life, for the people who lost property, for the natural disasters, and for the fauna and biodiversity that has been “irreparably damaged.”’

She offered her “sincere condolences” to the families of the dead and said, “remember that Cyprus always remains by Greece’s side to offer everything it can and contribute to alleviating the pain and mitigating the destruction.”