A solution seems to have been found for the waste treatment plant in Pentakomo, the nine communities of Vasiliko announced on Friday, a day after meeting the president to discuss the matter.

According to representative the of the nine communities, community leader of Kalavasos Lefteris Fokas, the plant, which has seen several fires, will be upgraded.

Fokas said that the president assured them that upgrade works will be completed by June 2024.

“Since the upgrades will be done in stages, the capability will be given to a representative of the communities to check on the works at any given moment,” Fokas said.

The last fire broke out in July, with the communities threatening to strike outside the facility and shut it down.

Commenting further on the meeting, where the creation of three asphalt plants was also discussed, Fokas said that none of the three asphalt factories that are planned will be opened, nor any other new factory.

Even though no decisions were made, according to Fokas, there was an admission by the Department of Environment that the Vasiliko area is already overburdened.

“No decisions were made in view of the court’s decision on the asphalt plant in Mitsero. The positive thing that came out of the meeting, however, is that the president has said that no more factories should be licensed in the industrial area adjacent to the residential area of Zygi,” he said.

The communities also discussed the fencing off the Vasiliko Energy Centre and increased security measures to avoid sabotage.

According to Fokas, the residents were informed that in early 2024 the bid for the fencing of the area, in which cameras have already been installed, will be awarded. In addition, maritime patrols by the port police have increased and for the same purpose the Kiti Police Station will be strengthened.