A project to create a linear park along the bed of the Chrysochou river is being promoted, according to Paphos District Officer Mary Lambrou.

The project is being promoted in collaboration with the municipality of Polis Chrysochou, Lambrou told the Cyprus News Agency.

The municipality is the commissioning authority for the study with involvement from the community councils of Goudi, Chrysochou and Holi.

The linear park will be created along the Chrysochou river starting close to the Polis camping site and include the creation of a refreshment stand/pavilion, playground and sanitary facilities.

Light construction will be undertaken along the route, such as wooden footbridges and viewing points, to showcase environmental features. The total length of the park will be 11km.

The initial cost estimate stands at €1.3 million Lambrou said, and urban planning approval has already been secured, as well as land lease or concessions of affected sections to the community authorities.

A revised assessment and tender documents are currently awaited from the architectural researchers Ioakim & Loizas, to further study the financing.

A proposal for subsequent financing is being examined from upcoming state budgets and through European funds.