Renowned dancers from leading world theatres are travelling to Cyprus this autumn to stage a unique ballet performance. As Freedom Finance Europe partners with the Celebrity Gala art project, two evenings of outstanding dance will be presented.

The Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala will take place at the Curium Amphitheatre on October 7 and 8, bringing 12 ballet stars from six international and renowned theatres to the historic venue. Artists from the Bolshoi Theatre, the Vienna State Opera, the British Royal Opera House, the Staatsballet Berlin, the Hungarian State Opera and the Astana Opera will travel to the island for the special performances. The event will feature renowned scenes and the brightest adagios from a range of classical ballet masterpieces and contemporary productions, accompanied by live Commandaria Orchestra music.

“Freedom Finance Europe is proud to bring the elegant art of ballet to Cyprus,” says its Executive Director Evgenii Tyapkin, “where we have our company’s European headquarters. We are committed to our strategy aimed at promoting sports, culture and the historic heritage of Cyprus.”

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Commenting on Ballet Gala, Artistic Director, Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala Igor Tsvirko said: “I am pleased to announce that the Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala will bring 12 leading dancers from across Europe to the ancient site of Curium. Each of the six theatres will present their best works. From the Bolshoi to the Vienna Opera Ballet and the British Royal Opera House, the theatres will feature masterpieces of classical and modern ballet. I believe that ballet is a way to unite people, it is an opportunity to promote peace and, more generally, to do good for society. Come to Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala and let the ballet charm you.”

Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala

12 artists from leading international theatres perform together. October 7-8. Curium amphitheatre, Limassol. 7.30pm. Tickets from €60.