The House plenum on Thursday passed a resolution condemning the recent attacks by Hamas in Israel – though not unanimously – as politics and different approaches to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict kicked in.

Parliament had tried to push through a single, common resolution – but disagreements between the parties resulted in two separate texts being put to the vote. The resolution tabled jointly by Disy, Diko and Dipa, passed with 34 votes. An alternative resolution, from Akel, only garnered 14 votes and was defeated.

Present during the vote on the resolution was Israeli ambassador Oren Anolik. According to the Cyprus News Agency, Anolik attended on his own initiative – he had not been formally invited. Also attending was the number 2 official from the US Embassy, standing in for US ambassador Julie Fisher.

The resolution begins by condemning the “heinous acts” of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) against the people and state of Israel.

It states that the Cyprus parliament “follows with deep concern the development in the neighbouring country [Israel] and considers unacceptable and completely intolerable the terrorist attack in question as well as the infiltration of Hamas members killing torturing and abducting innocent civilians.”

The Hamas attacks “inevitably led to a declaration of war by Israel,” the text adds.

The resolution calls for the immediate cessation of the Hamas attacks “against the unarmed population, children and the elderly, the cessation of hostilities and the immediate release of all hostages and abducted women and children and other civilians…”

It also calls for a de-escalation of tensions in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, and for a restoration of the necessary utilities – water, electricity – within Gaza.

It goes on to denounce totalitarian regimes and/or other states that sponsor and/or provide support to terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The text goes on to urge the international community and the United Nations to “address the emergent humanitarian crisis due to the conflict, by providing humanitarian aid to non-combatants such as healthcare items, food and other necessities.”

Lastly, it calls on the international community to undertake initiatives aimed at restarting the peace process for a settlement of the Palestinian issue in line with UN Security Council resolutions.

In remarks prior to the vote, Disy MP Nicos Tornaritis spoke of “beastly behaviour” – referring to Hamas’ actions last weekend.

“We allowed time for a common resolution and a single text. I wonder, doesn’t a state under attack have the right to defend itself? Do a people not have the right to be supported by their state? And let Akel complain all they want.”

For his part, Akel leader Stefanos Stefanou said everyone unreservedly condemns the murders of non-combatants by Hamas. But this should not be equated to the Palestinian people’s right to resist the occupation.

Stefanou recalled comments by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who said that violence does not occur in a vacuum.