The Greek Cypriot side does not have good intentions over the Pyla agreement in Pyla, while the stance of the UN remains to be seen, Turkish Cypriot ‘foreign minister’ Tahsin Ertugruloglu ssaid on Sunday.

Speaking to the Kibris Postasi website, he said an agreement may have been announced but there are some points that have not been clarified.

For example, factors such as where the first checkpoint will be located on the Pyla road or allegations that the UN has concluded two separate agreements with the parties on the issue continue to concern those interested in the issue, he said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry and the diplomatic missions of the United States, Britain and France have welcomed the agreement.

“We will see how the agreement works and then we will comment. I doubt the goodwill of the Greek Cypriot side. I look at it with suspicion… Because there are malicious statements. There are the wrong directions. Therefore, we will see how it works… We will see the attitude of the UN. That is, I will comment accordingly…,” Ertugruloglu said.

Ertugruloglu had taken the toughest stance on the issue and various things have been written in recent days in the Turkish Cypriot press questioning whether he played a role in the outcome or if it was Turkey that masterminded it.

The mutual understanding will see construction on the road commence on October 23, while 400 plots of land north of Pyla will be converted into residential properties and a large solar farm is set to be built in a vacant area northwest of the village.