The north’s electricity authority (Kib-Tek) cancelled a tender for the purchase of two new generators on Wednesday after no bids for the tender were received.

The tender would have entailed the purchase of two 40 megawatt generators, which in turn would have plugged the current 70 megawatt deficit the north suffers in its electricity production and consumption.

The generators would have been installed at the Teknecik power station near Kyrenia. However, the tender was cancelled on Monday after not a single bid was received.

Speaking to Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris, Kib-Tek chairman of the board Huseyin Pasha said he would “reconvene the board of directors and take action”.

“We have the right to put out a new tender within 10 days and we will, everything is ready,” he said.

He added that he “does not know” why no businesses took part in the tender.