The end of October and start of November celebrates more than just Halloween. It also marks the Día de los Muertos, commonly known in English as the Day of the Dead, officially on November 2. Skulls, flowers, headpieces and colourful dresses fill the streets of Mexico this time of the year as large processions take place. And on Saturday, the first Catrinas Parade will happen in Cyprus, organised by Tonantzin Mexican Restaurant in Nicosia.

La Catrina is the name given to a skeletal figure with an embroidered hat with flowers in Mexican culture, a symbol of The Day of the Dead. During the Catrinas Parades in Mexico and the world, people dress up as her to mark the day and Tonantzin wants to bring the tradition to Nicosia as well.

The Mexican Restaurant has been honouring the Day of the Dead at their establishment downtown for the past four years with an altar, traditional attire and makeup. This year it is hosting the first Catrinas Parade with the support of Nicosia Municipality, which will set off from Eleftheria Square at 6pm on Saturday. The parade will pass through Ledra Street to reach Tonantzin where a food and drink fiesta will commence featuring plenty of traditional Mexican music. A special menu has been set for the day serving traditional bites and meals, customary of the day.

“You can dress up, put on makeup, and come enjoy an evening filled with tradition, music, magic and vibrant colours with us,” says Tonantzin. “We’ll have a surprise show by the most professional dancers you can find in Cyprus. We are the only authentic Mexican restaurant in Cyprus. We share our food ans also we want to share our culture with you. Let’s make this a celebration to remember!”


1st Catrinas Parade

Parade and event to celebrate the Dead of the Dead. Organised by Tonantzin Mexican Restaurant. October 28. Meeting place: Eleftheria Square, Nicosia. 6pm. Tel:  99-283660