The new UN envoy to Cyprus should be seen as the last chance to solve the Cyprus problem, as the island’s division is becoming more entrenched with time, UN special representative Colin Stewart said in an interview on Sunday.

Published in Politis, Stewart highlighted the new UN envoy will be appointed in a matter of time as there are no roadblocks to the appointment. The mission will be to find a mutual ground to restart talks.

Nonetheless, Steward commented on the lack of trust between the political leadership of the two sides, urging both leaders to remember that being a leader does not mean defeating their opponent. Rather, the greatest victory is reaching difficult compromises which must be made, he said.

The special representative highlighted the Pyla deal can help build communication bridges which can be utilised, adding Pyla can be a possible location for a bicommunal solar park planned for construction with EU funds.

Asked to comment about the possibility of cooperating on energy matters before a solution to the Cyprus problem is found, Steward said he had not specific comment over the matter.

He added however the UN is working hard to ensure Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots come together, particularly young ones, as the closer individuals become, they can come to understand the other side is not as bad as they were taught to believe it is.

Stewart said there are hopeful messages stemming from surveys revealing the majority of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots want a mutually-acceptable solution for which there should be a compromise and benefits for both sides.

The road to such a solution is building trust between both sides, he concluded.